Your new life as a musician – The first day

It’s 6am. Your alarm clock did not sound, yet. You are already awake, putting down the to-do list for today. Upcoming: a glass of warm water, an avocado sandwich, 10 minutes of meditation, 30 minutes of Yoga. The perfect morning of what you think is your new life as a musician.

You turn on your computer. Starting with mundane tasks, shooting few e-mails, responding to the odd message on Facebook. You upload a selfie of yourself on Instagram, together with a motivational quote about sunrise, or whatever. An hour later, you have two likes. And a comment, offering you 5.000 followers in 2 days.

You go on to research your niche, because that’s what you read you need to do. The task is to identify influencers, like all their social presence, even post some comments to their tracks and mixes. You do not have the time to listen to them, but hey – they are influencers. Their content must be perfect, right?

After a healthy salad for lunch, you set down with your laptop in the Cafe around the corner. While enjoying your third flat white, you are finalising the 60th pitch to the last repost network on your list.

You put on trainers and go for that hour of running you scheduled in the morning – hoping for the best when you return. An hour later, you share your 6.18 km run including a map to Facebook. Your mom likes it. She was not able to get you out, when you were a child. Never.

It’s time to hit the sack.

But You did not get the recognition You hoped for. Hell, You even thought You are entitled to it. Why? Why did it not come?

It’s because everything needs time.

And because Your music sucks.

Wake up into your real new life, Neo…

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