In Trance We Trusted (Dark Beauty at ADE 2017 pt.2)

Let’s talk a bit about the night of Day 1. While tired, the both of us were buzzing with inspiration. It was time to head out, but knowing our schedules for upcoming days, we needed to do one thing before…

A proper safari in the streets of Amsterdam. Get fries with Vlaamse sauce. Have a brief walk through Damrak and RLD. Getting lost while looking for a supermarket. And all that stuff. After an unexpected detour to our hotel room, our ultimate destination for the evening was Westerunie, with the “In Trance We Trust” party.

I see a familiar face at the entrance already. We do quick helloes, cross introduce each other (I introduced Martin as a “way better DJ than myself”) and move inside with a promise to see each other on the dancefloor. It was Heatbeat. I warmed for him a week before ADE, which was loads of fun. He’s a very funny guy.

Seeing familiar faces was not a coincident. There is a wide overlap of artists who are on today, with the artists of Luminosity Beach Festival. Which means, it’s almost all Luminosity people from New York to Israel, partying together back again in Amsterdam. It’s not the typical teen club. The contrary, actually: It’s mostly people who are in about their thirties. The vibe is unique. People love this music. This is pure #trancefamily.

We are consciously heading towards the Black Hole room and plan to spend the majority of the night there. My level of tired jumps from “casually tired” to “I hate myself” just about the same time as Nifra appears behind decks. The both of us love Nifra: as an amazing DJane and producer, as the down to earth smiley-face, as a friend. Of course, we enjoyed the performance, but there were some special… distractions. See, Tim from Coldharbour Recordings was live-streaming the show to Instagram just in front of me. The temptation to bomb the stream was big (something something ginger cheeky monster), but I didn’t have the balls to do more than this. Which was still fun, since Tim started to look around a bit and then closed the stream. Obviously, Instagram live comments do have a few seconds of delay, so I pretended. Wasn’t me.

Gabriel and Dresden stole the show of the evening. Most of us in the room enjoyed all the classic tunes, spanning from “Beautiful Things” to “As the Rush Comes“. It wasn’t just the regular partygoers. Random famous trance DJs and producers found their way in. Even though it didn’t seem to be the VIP part of the room, it sure felt like it (or we crashed it, maybe). I did see both guys from Cosmic Gate, Isaac from Fisherman&Hawkins, and I think Mike Saint-Jules as well. While they were not on the lineup, they sure seemed to enjoy the ride. So did we until the moment we realized it’s time to catch the night bus (literally, we found out the way out from the island with Westerunie is not the same as the way we went in, and that the stop we need to run to is not the one we’re standing at). We ultimately made it, but boy did those feet hurt…

This was a night that was short, but intense. Compared to what was about to come.

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