Innerspace played at Transmission 2017!

While we aren’t really a label focused on trance, we will never hesitate to release a trance track that’s Dark and Beautiful. Proof of that is “Innerspace”, a track by our household name, Martin Michniak. It’s incredibly humbling to get the kind of support we got during the recent weekend – a play at one of the greatest trance event there is: Transmission.

Thomas Coastline has our deepest thanks for including the Division One remix of Innerspace in his warmup set. For a small, young label like us, it means the world.

Pic by Martin Michniak, author of Innerspace

Why, you ask? During Transmission, there isn’t any real warm-up period. As soon as doors open, people start to pour in. The limit is just the capacity of the gates and security checks. Which is why, 11:30 minutes into the first set, there were already thousands of ravers on the dance floor. Exposed to the sounds of Martin Michniak, and Dark Beauty.

The whole set can be found here, and rumors say there might even be a video. You can download the track here.

Thank you, Thomas, for playing out Innerspace once again. You’re awesome! 🙂

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